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    Last year the output value of China's auto parts remanufacturing of 8000000000

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    Haikou network news is reported on October 24 , 2012 , China's auto parts remanufacturing industry output value reached 80 billion yuan, compared with less than 050 million yuan in 2005 , an increase of nearly 160 times .

    China Association of Automobile Manufacturers of auto parts remanufacturing Branch Secretary Xie Jianjun said that China engaged in auto parts remanufacturing business from 2005 to 2012, a rise of dozens of industrial scale from 2005 less than 5,000 sets / 2012 rose to 150 million sets / year ( including auto parts and engineering machinery products ) , employing thousands of people from 2005 to rise to less than 5 million people in 2012 , the industrial output value of the scale and have achieved significant growth .

    Unlike flea remanufacturing renovation, not so-called " second-hand goods" , but refers to the entire fault parts recycling project , after all dismantling and testing of the products in question be high-tech means to repair , processing, and finally follow the production process requirements of the new product output.

    It is understood that , compared with the manufacturing of new equipment , technology and equipment remanufacturing cost savings of 50% , energy 60% , materials 70% of emissions of air pollutants by 80 % remanufacturing industry is a typical high-efficiency circular economy. At present, the annual output value of the global remanufacturing industry conservatively estimated to have more than 150 billion U.S. dollars , becoming the rapid development of the domestic industry 's attention .