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    Owners must read: car replacement parts maintenance cycle analysis

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    Many car owners know nothing about but then maintenance after buying a new car , when there is a problem of the vehicle , only to find the sky Luanhan price , maintenance technicians forced to sell additives, use refurbished parts when new products to sell, repair bad repair for a long time ...... and so on . So the concept of proper maintenance routine will become the only way to prolong life of the vehicle . When consumers buy a new car , I believe that the vast majority of people would be delivered to the factory responsible for the maintenance , but the maintenance of a car in the end what to pay attention to it ?

    Maintenance and parts replacement cycle

    If you do not fully understand the maintenance of the vehicle , it does not matter, then we will use the vehicle 20,000 kilometers a year as an example , the attention to maintenance of the project cycle, eleven to be introduced .

    When the plant might look up into the maintenance of the note timing and replacement parts in the end what the project .

    The usual checks:

    Weekdays faithful car should do more checking , and note the warning light on the instrument panel , currently has some vehicles inside the engine compartment need to add any time to check the dipstick cap and bright colors marked for easy identification of the driver . And as the usual attention to five oil 3 water ( engine oil , transmission oil , brake fluid , power steering fluid , gasoline ; tank water , wiper water , battery water ) and brake pads , tires, light bulbs usage. Thus , even if your car is subject to the maintenance of basic care .

    Every three months "about 5000 km "

    Mileage Warranty every one is different, the timing of the original proposal to replace oil with brand choice is not necessarily . How to choose the oil brand ? In fact, as long as the note oil change time , the use of non- counterfeit goods , oil manufacture date , and the preservation of the environment , among other factors , then, regardless of the choice of which brand of motor oil are applied to the plant model. Recommendations for the use of consumers to buy new cars in the viscosity of 10W-40 fully synthetic engine oil is very easy to use , due to the higher parts of car adaptation, so choose a better flow properties of the oil, and the use of more than eighty thousand kilometers you can choose more than one car 5W-50 engine oil such high viscosity index . Remember to replace the oil filter every time the heart must be replaced.

    About 20,000 km per year

    In fact, the replacement schedule , select fakes being careful not to plant products , will be more important than the brand.

    At this point you can replace the transmission fluid for vehicles. Change transmission fluid circulating in the market effect will be better. However , the use of more than a dozen self-draining tank to cycle to replace , rather suspected forced to buy. So if indeed the residue discharge light re- add can achieve replacement purposes. Automatic transmission fluid is to provide automatic transmission flow of medium, so in a closed gearbox and engine oil is not as easy as the deterioration of deterioration , the proposed updated every 20,000 km . Under normal use and battery life of about 1.5 years . Usually pay attention to the location of the battery water is normal , battery terminals stay clean and cast the right amount of butter to avoid serious oxidation. Apart from the usual air filter inspection , approximately every 20,000 km should be replaced , to maintain a good intake efficiency .

    The chassis is doing general maintenance is easier to ignore when part ; fact, some of the body noise, poor handling problems may be due to improper chassis adjustments.

    About 40,000 km every 2 years

    This time the vehicle has been a break-in period for some time, all parts are fully part of the activities at this time is the peak period of the vehicle, but some oil and liquids to replace almost all closed loop at this time , be commonly known the major maintenance .

    Brake fluid is hygroscopic force is very strong , so every 40,000 km to ensure the best total replacement of its normal function.

    Almost spark plug can also be replaced. In order to maintain the cooling effect of the engine case to replace the water within the tank , to avoid the accumulation of scale impede circulation tank and add the appropriate precision . And every two years for a vehicle to do a tire positioning, of course, when it is necessary to immediately replace the tires do positioning.

    About 7 to 80,000 km every 4 years

    This time some parts of the vehicle 's condition has gradually began to aging , but do not need to worry, as long as the action does the usual care , and the need to update these parts only able to maintain a good condition . CV BOOT life of about 4 years or so . If the dust cover if broken drive shaft , universal joint is likely to cause wear and tear , resulting in abnormal noise when turning the front wheels , if badly worn , then you need to replace the whole shaft . By the way, check to see if the damage when maintenance is recommended every five thousand kilometers . There are rubber feet cushion engine aging, this little thing broken when the most obvious impact is on the engine shake . The engine timing belt use period is almost up, weekdays can take advantage of every 5000 km maintenance service technician help , please pay attention to their situation . As long as the crack idler belt is too loose or slipping in relation to new ones, which will produce a sharp grinding sound when the belt wear , will be as high engine speed becomes very easy to enhance self- identify.