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    First held in 2013, Liaoning Tieling Tieling County Auto Parts ZhanQiaHui

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    Oct. 18 , " 2013 First Auto Parts ZhanQiaHui Liaoning Tieling " was held in Tieling County Industrial Park , Cao County , county parks director of the CMC Wang Damin , deputy magistrate Wang Xin , deputy director of the county park management committee County leaders Li Chunlin , Shen Lin, and Tieling auto parts business representatives, businessmen and outside the township leaders attended the opening ceremony , county parks director of the CMC Wang Damin presided over the opening ceremony , Mayor Cao speech at the opening ceremony . Provincial , municipal leaders , Liaoning Province Automotive Industry Association Deputy Secretary Hu Yuxian , vice mayor Zhang Zhen, deputy secretary general of the municipal government , such as Zhang was invited to participate ZhanQiaHui .

    2013 First Tieling, Liaoning auto parts ZhanQiaHui to show consistent , investment , cooperation and win-win situation as the theme, the ZhanQiaHui Tieling County has more than 60 auto parts companies exhibiting , displaying all kinds of thousands of auto parts varieties , more than 200 enterprises outside come to visit us . The opening ceremony, Mayor Cao remarks to the inaugural 2013 Auto Parts ZhanQiaHui Tieling , Liaoning Tieling industrial development in the history of a landmark major event , marking the Tieling industrial development , especially the development of auto parts industry into a new phase. In recent years , under the joint efforts of the whole county , Tieling County Industrial Park has been initially built to auto parts , the two industries as the leading non-ferrous metal , machinery manufacturing , new materials, environmental protection as a supplement intravenous new industrial park has become a foundation perfect, preferential policies , a beautiful environment , excellent service investment hot spot . Especially in the past three years, the national automobile industry to seize the opportunity Tieling restructuring and revitalization plan , combined with the need to Shenyang, Changchun rapid expansion of the two cars and special vehicles bases bases in Liaoning Province , to speed up the auto parts industry cluster development , in 2011 was identified as " provincial key industrial clusters ." In the future , the Tieling County will continue to promote sound industrial chain cluster , reasonable and orderly expansion of cluster size , improve industrial clusters influence, urged auto parts industry cluster to intensive , large-scale , industrialized , efficient direction development. Liaoning Provincial Association of Automobile Manufacturers praised the development of the Deputy Secretary-General胡玉賢Tieling auto parts industry in his speech , Vice Mayor Zhang Zhen , opened the meeting. Subsequently , the participants of the provincial, city and county leaders and factory representatives visited the park happily settled in the production of various automotive parts, non-ferrous metals , equipment manufacturing products. In ZhanQiaHui in Tieling County also held a " Promotion auto parts industry base " in the promotion conference County Park Management Committee Director Wang Damin keynote outward Recommend Tieling auto parts industry development strengths and future development broad prospects , investors are Tieling investment environment , policies greatly appreciated , six companies were spot signing a total contract amount of $ 1 billion.

    Tieling according to the provincial government , " the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan," the general requirements , accelerating the development of auto parts industry , the introduction of a large number of high -tech, large- value-added products , competitive ability of the industry leaders , covering car engine parts , auto transmission parts , car wheels , such as eight tens of thousands of varieties , forming a diversification of the industrial chain. Auto parts industry base currently has 129 companies , has become a " key industry clusters in Liaoning Province ."