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    South Korean auto parts companies seeking business opportunities in Changchun, Jilin

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    Xinhua Jilin Channel October 24 (Reporter Sun Yang ) 24, 16 South Korean auto parts enterprises in Jilin, Changchun FAW Group Corporation and other Chinese enterprises to negotiate docking, hope to get cooperation opportunities.

    Reporters learned that, to participate in the South Korea 's auto parts enterprises Matchmaking ROK enterprises with 16 to DGENX, HanKook Natinonal represented both the Korean domestic industry leaders . Chinese enterprises to participate in Jilin FAW Group and nearly 50 auto parts enterprises . Activities are divided into industry seminars and business fairs in two parts.

    According to reports, the car industry is one of the pillar industries in Jilin Province , with FAW Group is a leader in the automotive industry a complete system , its parts production for a long time in Europe, the U.S. and Japan -based multinational technical monopoly of production . With the continuous rise of the South Korean automobile industry , the production of auto parts to high-tech , high-quality, low prices and relatively low marketing costs as more and more of the world's automobile manufacturers favor.

    This, Jilin Province, CCPIT and the large South Korean Trade -Investment Promotion Agency and Korea auto parts enterprises to discuss the organization butt , aimed at providing a platform for technology exchange and South Korea 's auto parts enterprises , enterprises of both sides to promote mutual understanding and seek cooperation channels. (End )