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    Chinese Herbal Medicine machinery needed to develop a clear direction of development of automation equipment

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    Chinese Herbal Medicine is processed through a certain process concocted herbal products , accounting for a large proportion in the pharmaceutical industry. With the implementation of new GMP and relevant departments to pay more attention , Chinese Herbal Medicine production will move towards standardization, meanwhile, related production equipment to be synchronized to keep up in terms of performance and technology , etc. , in order to adapt to the evolving needs Pieces industry.

    At the moment , the Chinese Herbal Medicine to develop quality standards must be followed in addition to Chinese medicine theory , but is closely related to the modern technology of Chinese medicines . For example, the general requirements for medicinal drug infiltration processing technology is permeable to do, is really easier said than done , even the narrative of " fried yellow , Chaojiao , fried char " on the Chinese Pharmacopoeia , can only rely on vision and experience of drug workers to master . These descriptions Pieces quality requirements , is the product of tradition processing methods .

    Today, industrial automation equipment developed in the study has a very mature , and this is the domestic equipment industry can not be compared with its . So to improve the degree of automation is an inevitable trend in the future , I want to implement the application of high-tech medicine , accelerate biomedical research , to achieve industrial restructuring and technological upgrading, strengthen cooperation with the international market , to gain more self-developed patents, really let the pharmaceutical industry is mature, at the same time , the direction of Chinese Herbal Medicine have clear development of machinery and equipment , and actively develop high degree of automation equipment.

    Pieces Pieces cooked machinery is an important foundation technology , the existing mechanical technology Pieces significantly behind the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine industry demand situation has seriously restricted the development and implementation of quality standards of Chinese Herbal Medicine . Pieces must be a strong emphasis on modern research and machinery, processing technology based on the technical requirements , design, development and processing of various types and specifications of machinery , especially Pieces processing technology able to provide a quantitative basis for the specification of mechanical and automation equipment.

    Chinese Herbal Medicine for domestic devices, pharmaceutical development plan will be a challenge , how to face the challenge , turn challenges into opportunities is a problem faced by Chinese Herbal Medicine equipment . Pieces machinery industry should seize the opportunity to implement GMP certification , and actively develop industry standards , improve the overall level . Only continue to move forward in the direction of the continuous development of innovative pharmaceutical industry , China's Chinese Herbal Medicine equipment will have a better development.