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    Well-known industry experts Fan Yichang automation: automation industry to promote the development of economic crisis

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    Shanghai 2013-09-17 ( China GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - At present, the situation is grim face of domestic and international economic environment , many enterprises to survive and develop in the face of adversity, taken as streamlined employees, reduce production costs, improve production processes and other effective and feasible approach to reform and measures , and the success of these methods , are inseparable help automation equipment . Fan Yichang well-known experts in the automation industry analysts believe that due to the growing popularity of automation equipment and widely used, traditional hand equipment market is becoming more and more saturated , while manual device is still on the market mainstream products , but with the constant in recent years, labor costs improving and increasing the expected future production automation will certainly be replaced by artificial operations, automation equipment will become a hot product .

    Fan Yichang in the automation industry for many years , has a wealth of experience , is the industry expert , his company has been committed to the development and production of industrial process control valves and related equipment , in particular instrumentation R & D , is a research , development and operating as one of the science and technology enterprises . Fan Yichang think , more than ever need to do live , after the assembly automation equipment , just one or two people to complete , greatly reducing the cost of production , not only that , in the face of automated production equipment, ordinary workers can also substitute for professional skilled workers to complete simple product processing.

    Although the domestic economy is in a gradual recovery period , the state of the global economy has not yet returned to pre-crisis peak , but the frequent introduction of national economic control policies and enterprises to actively reform, innovation breakthrough moves , all to promote the health of all walks of life are gradually moving good orientation steady progress , the pace accelerates automation project is the most obvious feature . Fan Yichang believe that with the increasingly popular automation equipment market, more and more companies launched automation equipment production projects, some manufacturers in order to breakthroughs in technology innovation , investment in human and material resources which is increasing year by year , and strive to create a most professional production line automation products .

    It is further understood that reporters , sales automation equipment has been steadily rising in recent years , especially in the recent sessions of the trade fair , the number soared automation equipment on display , has been highly concerned about the industry, especially in cup classes , categories and fitness equipment products manufacturing enterprises , the demand for automated equipment is in droves. Thus, the market demand for automation equipment industry is continuing to expand, the market prospect is very broad.